That is JV’s ERA after the Royals beat him into a conniption tonight at Comerica Park.

Verlander pitched six innings, gave up seven earned runs, on 12 HITS. He struck out only two and walked two.

At this point, JV, is horrible!

Not to be outdone, Evan Reed, allowed four runs in zero innings. In Reed’s defense though, only one run was earned. He was the victim of two errors although one was his own.

Oh yea, the Tigers defense, blows too. I think Suarez is averaging an error a game. WTF?

Even though they scored eight runs, six came in the ninth, after the game was decided.

Miggy was hitless and grounded into another double play.

Don’t look now but the Royals are a half game out and will probably be in first when they leave Detroit.

The ship is taking on water and is starting to sink. And stink.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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2 thoughts on “4.98…

  1. I just don’t know….but guy’s like JV don’t come apart without a reason. The Detroit News put forth the proposition that he has come back from core surgery to early and just needs rest. Don’t know but the only pitchers that don’t scare me are Sanche & Jobba. Max I don’t know yet but I am very afraid. Very afraid.

  2. JV should go on the DL – to save face, and possibly get in shape. He gives them no chance to win right now…. Reed should go to AAA and be replaced by Knebel,,, Suarez was never going to be known for his defense, so this is what we get… Once JV gets whipped around in the mid innings the hitters seem to check out…. It’s almost like they expect it now… I did not watch this one and glad I didn’t… The last inning rally actually would have had a better chance of success had Ausmus left the starters in…. I expect a different outcome tomorrow, mainly because Max will present a bigger challenge to KC.. Doesn’t mean we’ll win…

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