Astros 6 Tigers 4

It’s hard to complain about a 7-2 road trip.

The Tigers didn’t have the winning recipe today. Smyly was bad and Miggy and Victor were worse.

In fact, Miggy and Vmart were a combined 1-25 for the series. This is worst three game stretch I’ve ever seen from Miggy. The Tigers won’t be playing in November if he goes through too many stretches like this.

I hope it is just a short lived spell.

Don’t look now but Oakland is in town.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

One thought on “Astros 6 Tigers 4

  1. This game rubbed me the wrong way… First, the excuse given for sitting Kinsler was insulting… He wanted to sit him once before the AS break… But they have a day off next Monday… If anyone should have sat it was Miggy… He needs a few days off and he should have sat him due to poor performance the prior 2 games… But it turns out Miggy took the day off anyway – the whole series actually… The comments from Miggy after the game about how any team would have been happy with a 7-2 trip… Bullshit… The team being honored tonight wouldn’t have… If you read the comments from Dan Petry in the article yesterday, the 84 Tigers had a swagger about them, and when they went on the road they had a bad-ass attitude.. as in ‘here we come to whip your ass’.. As I said last week, that road trip would define the rest of the season, and now we at least know they will be in it the whole way… 7-2 was ok, but 8-1 or 9-0 would have been better.. Now if they can start playing better at home they might be on to something, and I might actually be drawn to come watch a game or 2… But because of the team attitude described earlier I doubt they will pull away very much…

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