Rays 7 Tigers 2

Anibal was bad. The offense was worse. The result was a second straight loss to the Rays.

Sanchez was cruising through four innings, then blew up in the fifth, and didn’t make it out of the sixth.

The offense, except Avila and J.D. Martinez, was a joke. Starting the ninth inning, Rays pitcher Chris Archer, had only thrown 87 pitches. The good at bats were few and far between. That being said, it’s hard to win when the starter gives up seven runs.

I just saw a note on the MLB network. Miggy is hitting .187, in his last nine games.

Freeway Ricky will try to salvage a series split tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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3 thoughts on “Rays 7 Tigers 2

  1. Last time I guarantee a win with Sanchez pitching.. Watching on TV he was actually worse than bad.. Rod Allen nailed it 2 pitches into the game with an 0-2 count.. He said the problem with Sanchez is he gets ahead of hitters and then starts nibbling.. Sure enough he went 3-2 on that first hitter before getting him out… He nibbled all day and the ump was kind of squeezing him.. But that’s what you get when you don’t pound the strike zone, as Rick P will do tomorrow night… Yes, Miggy is not looking good and I honestly wish the Tigers would simply order him to avoid the AS game.. They won’t, but he could use the time off.. worse yet he’ll probably be in the HR derby.. Should be a good one tomorrow with the 2 Aces pitching…

    • I’m worried about tomorrow. Price is on the mound and I’m worried about scoring runs. It will be a real downer if they lose this series.

      I think Max and JV do the same thing as Anibal. All three of them let hitters stick around and drive the pitch count up. Also, I think they all need to throw INSIDE more. Especially, Max and JV. With as hard they throw, nobody should be leaning out over the plate.

  2. I guess it is that simple as goes our starting pitching so go the Tigers? Should be a battle tonight!

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