Rays 7 Tigers 3

The Tigers dropped their third in a row to the Rays and this game was just like the last two.

The starting pitching was terrible.

The offense was an abomination.

The fielding sucked.

Is anyone going to step up or are the Tigers going on another 9-29 run?

Eugenio Suarez falling on his way to the plate in the bottom of the seventh was a perfect representation of the last three games, a carnival of asses.

Maybe the day off tomorrow will be good?

“God I love baseball.”-Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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3 thoughts on “Rays 7 Tigers 3

  1. I guess this is the Rays team everyone picked to win the east.. Caught them at the wrong time with their starting pitching dominating the Tigers offense all weekend.. Yea that Suarez play pretty much ended any chance of a comeback and their closer vaporized Jackson to end it. Looks like we’ll have to ride this roller coaster to the finish.

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