Tigers 14 Dodgers 5

I’m not sure what to make of this game. I’m not sure what to make of this team.

Let’s be honest, JV blew. Again. I don’t care if he pitched five scoreless innings. He gave up five runs before the Tigers even got to bat. He got lucky today.

The Tigers got a break on the Hunter replay in the second and the offense exploded. But spotting any team a five run lead is a dangerous way to play.

JV got lucky as well because Chen Meing Ryu was worse than he was and couldn’t get straightened out.

Another thing that is concerning is that this is the fourth crappy start in a row for Tigers starters. They need a stopper and nobody has really stepped up to fill the role. That’s how you go on 9-20 runs.

All the above being said, it’s a win and I’ll take it.

Let’s see if Max can give the Tigers a good start tomorrow. I’d like to see seven innings with no more than two runs allowed. šŸ™‚

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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4 thoughts on “Tigers 14 Dodgers 5

  1. BINGO!…Crippy you hit it you are only as good as your next day’s starting pitching and tonight Dodgers starting pitching sucked more than the Tigers! Take your ticket stub & get pizza…..but don’t jump up & down yet!

  2. It’s maddening how the starting pitching goes into a funk all at the same time. Hence the roller-coaster ride we’re in for the rest of the season… My prediction.. The Tigs will go after a starting pitcher at the trade deadline, and move Smyly to the pen.. Might need another 3-team deal to pull it off.. i don’t think they have been happy with his starts so far, and honestly he doesn’t look comfortable out there… Just saying..

  3. I’m not a big righty/lefty guy.. If you can get em all out what difference does it make what arm you throw with.. Same goes for hitters..

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