Tigers 6 Angels 4

This was a nice win, against a good team, in a ballpark the Tigers usually don’t play well in.

Even nicer was they way the Tigers were able to come back after falling behind, 3-1, facing a tough pitcher.

Max was very good. After giving up three in the fifth, he was able shut the door on the best offensive team in the American League and last seven innings.

Hmmm, the starter goes seven innings and the Tigers win. Sounds pretty familiar.

I have been all over Joe Nathan this season but tonight he looked like the guy that used to destroy the Tigers. He struck out the side out in the ninth. This was the best I’ve seen him all year.

I’m sorry, but I have to complain about A Squared Money. Look, he’s not a good hitter but that doesn’t mean he can’t have productive outs. In the sixth inning, the Tigers had taken a one run lead 4-3. Castellanos was on second with nobody out. All he needed to do was get the runner over to third and he couldn’t do it. He flew out. The inning ended with Castellanos at third. It didn’t come back to bite the Tigers today, but that could have been an important run that never was.

Ajax continued to stay hot. He had his seventh consecutive multi-hit game and flashed leather in the seventh robbing Kole Calhoun of a double to end the inning.

Smyly pitches tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

One thought on “Tigers 6 Angels 4

  1. The Tigers continue to play much better against the good teams, and by their own admission had a higher concentration level against a good pitcher… That is all well and good, but the average fan isn’t going to like hearing that as it sounds like they give away at-bats against the crap pitchers, which they do.. Anyhow, good win for Max as he had to really fight his control in the 5th.. Other than that inning he was dominating… Did anyone see the Raburn play last night?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YhptCuu9bEU
    Here it is for your enjoyment….

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