On the Soria Acquisition…

I like adding a bullpen arm.  The Tigers had to do something.  Their bullpen is the worst in the AL and probably the worst in history.  However, I don’t agree with making Soria the eighth inning setup man.

The only part of the Tigers bullpen that works is Joba in the eighth, so why are they fixing the eighth inning?  How about the seventh and ninth?

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

8 thoughts on “On the Soria Acquisition…

  1. Seems lately this is where successful relief pitchers come to die… This guy might be what we need, if they use him in the right situations… such as this… 6th inning, Sanchez pitch count at 105, he gets knocked around in a 1-run game and puts runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out… Who do you bring in to put out the fire? It has to be Soria right? If they can’t get thru those situations the 9th inning is meaningless.. Of all the playoff meltdowns they’ve had recently I can only think of Valverde blowing a couple in 2012, but even then they made the necessary adjustment and used Coke.. Last year the breakdowns weren’t in the 9th inning… Let’s see what happens, but they still need another from the left side… I like Perez from AZ who pitched yesterday.. Or Sipp from Houston..

    • Here’s a better way to use the bullpen. at the end of 7 when Ricky has only thrown 77 pitches, leave him in. The best way to use this bullpen is to not use this bullpen.

      I’M STILL FUMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Well they did fix the 9th. Remember Soria was a closer for KC ….so if Nathan melts down entirely someone Joba/Soria will close and somewhere in the rubble that is our pen will be the 7th. I expect to see one more arm to come from somewhere. I personally think this was the only arm out there that plugs the biggest hole. Now they need to find a couple of sandbags for the 7th or “situations”

  3. Actually the stats bear out your wishes Chris.. At least prior to the AS break the Tigers BP had thrown the fewest innings.. The 9th inning guy doesn’t matter if you can’t get out of the 6th or 7th… Closers/9th inning guys are so overrated and overpaid.. Give me the true fireman anytime.. Hopefully that is how they will use Soria because he has a good arm and can get K’s… Good trade but doesn’t guarantee anything.. Sorry I’m just a baseball purist from days gone by..

    • How much trouble would the Tigers be in if their bullpen was in the middle of the pack regarding innings pitched. They’d be in last place.

      The 2003 bullpen was probably better. They SUCK.

      Sorry, I’m still fuming. 🙂

  4. Sark agree ya got to get out of the 6th or 7th. However the problem I have with the way BA has managed the pen is this. AA has pitched the second most innings of any other reliever in the AL. IMHO this does two things (1) wears on the pitcher mentally/physically and makes him more “visible” to opponents (sit on the breaking ball) (2) Ian Krol is 23 years old with a total of 27 innings pitched before joining the Tigers. He has already been on the DL with “Tired Arm” Fell in love with em overused em and here we are. Did he have other options? We can discuss that however I think especially in the case of Krol he rode that horse into the ground.

  5. I agree with you regarding AA and Krol… AA can’t stop throwing that slider 90% of the time and he eventually hangs em.. Badly… Krol should be sent down or DL again.. Hasn’t got anyone out since coming off the DL.. Sadly as this sound I’d keep Coke before Krol, but would like to see em get another lefty in trade…

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