White Sox 11 Tigers 4

I think it’s time to blow this team up similar to what the Red Sox did in 2012.

The Tigers are just horrible. The entire team doesn’t seem interested. They made three errors. Romine got picked off and didn’t seem like he was paying attention. They don’t score consistently and the pitching is not great and I don’t necessarily mean Sanchez either.

The addition of Soria was supposed to improve the abomination of a bullpen. Instead it’s gotten worse. Soria has been worse than horrible and Joba has struggled his last two outings.

It just doesn’t seem like this is not the right group of guys. Honestly, nobody seems to care, Miggy included.

If I had to put a personality on this team as a whole it would be Alex Avila.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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3 thoughts on “White Sox 11 Tigers 4

  1. The women behind me were very noisy………..it’s all their fault. As far as the Tigers……tonight I hate them!

  2. Watched this game from Coaches bar, and that is the best way to watch this team anymore – from a bar with lots of alcohol… You’re right Chris, they’re going nowhere.. Stuck in between ‘going for it’ and simply ‘not good enough’.. Lots of individual talent, but the whole is less than the parts… Feel badly for the season ticket holders.

  3. And I’ll stand by my statement when the Fister trade was completed… Should have traded Sanchez instead – would have received a better package of players in return.. Sanchez has become a 6 inning pitcher for whatever reason, and that isn’t good enough for a team with no relief pitching…

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