Tigers 7 White Sox 2

It’s nice to get a win after three horrible losses but pardon me if I’m not going to sing the praises of this six run outburst.

The Tigers jumped out to a big lead with six runs in the first. However, after the second inning, they made Noesi look like Nolan Ryan.

A note on Miggy: I know my complaining about him seems insane but here’s why I’m a little disappointed in him this year. The Tigers have a streaky offense. In previous years, the Tigers could count on Miggy to give them professional at-bats while surrounded by ineptitude. This hasn’t happened this year. It seems like when the team is going well Miggy is going well. When the offense is sucking Miggy is sucking.

Miggy’s season reminds me of Jeff Weaver circa 10 years ago. Jeff was a good pitcher but he wasn’t a stopper. He couldn’t be the guy that stopped a losing streak. Similarly, readers might remember Sark talking about needing a fireman out of the pen, someone that can come in and stop the bleeding. Miggy used to be the offensive fireman but not so much this year.

I guess I need to cut him some slack.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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2 thoughts on “Tigers 7 White Sox 2

  1. I am not quite sure the Tigers made Noesi look like the Express…..however they sure didn’t put him out of his misery and that is a concern. I am also starting to wonder if Blaine Hardy is to become the next Ian Kroll the lefty I am in love with until he goes down with tired arm? Sark I’m with you it appears the Tigers are desperate for a shut down/stopper. Hope they find one by this time tomorrow.

  2. About Miggy, my comment at the bar last night was the other players seem to feed off Miggy. So if he is not focused and giving away at-bats, they all seem to follow suit.. I don’t know, but I got some agreement in the bar.. Might have been the alcohol.. Today was nice and disappointing all in the same game… Max is dealing and headed to another CY..

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