Tigers 4 Rockies 2

Wow! This was the best I’ve seen JV look in a long time. He looked like end of 2014 and CY Young JV tonight.

Even in the seventh inning, when he gave up two runs, he looked good. There were a few seeing eye ground balls and a defensive miscue but JV was able to emerge from the seventh with the lead.

Don’t look now but Nathan might be turning the corner. This was his fifth straight scoreless appearance.

The Rockies are bad but this was an impressive start.


“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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4 thoughts on “Tigers 4 Rockies 2

  1. You got it! He looked solid and probably could have finished this one… Lots of weak hits and he seems to only get hit hard on his curveball.. Key stat tonight -no walks..

    • I wonder if he’s just feeling better or is motivated by the Price acquisition. Objectively, if the playoffs started yesterday, wouldn’t JV be a candidate for the pen? I would think it would be Price, Scherzer, Porcello, Sanchez / JV?

  2. Actually given their overall body of work, and the way they are currently performing I would go with Max/Price/Porcello/JV with Sanchez in the pen… Sanchez has become a 5 or 6 inning pitcher, and on this team we know that isn’t good enough.. It also appears last year was abnormal for him and statistically he is a .500 pitcher… Honestly if they could still sign Max this off-season, Sanchez would be the perfect trade candidate.. Should they decide to banish RP to the pen for the playoffs he would surely play out his contract here and go elsewhere in free agency.. He has more than earned his place in this rotation..

  3. If the playoffs started today I can’t tell you where JV should pitch. If he shuts his trap & pitches to the back of his bubble gum card problem solved if not contract & ego become an issue time will tell. I have heard reports that Boras told the Tigers AJ needed 8 yrs in excess of $150M. If I was a Boras client named Max I would be double sure my Loyd’s premium was paid and pray. Regarding last night couple of things JV did pitch out of trouble. The Tigers added on a run late. and Nathan had two strikes on both of the runners that reached base in the 9th…hum. However if the pundits have it right Prices first home start and first pitch could be against AJ. Should that happen bets on a K? Remember we are undefeated in the David Price era.

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