White Sox 7 Tigers 4

Lost in all the excitement surrounding the acquisition of David Price is the fact that the Tigers lost the game and the series to the White Sox.

Although it’s hard not to be happy about getting a pitcher of the Price’s caliber I don’t exactly see how the weaknesses of the team were addressed.

Price replacing Smyly is an upgrade but what about the middle of the field? This might be one of the weakest teams up the middle in all of MLB.

Starting with Avila, the Tigers are weak at catcher, shortstop, and now center field. On top of that, the bullpen is still horrible.

Since the acquisition of Soria, the bullpen has gotten weaker. Soria, has been bad, Joba is now in a funk, or perhaps returning to who he is, and The Amazing Everyday Al has worn out his welcome. I guess on the bright side, if there is one, Nathan has been better and Blaine Hardy has been serviceable.

Who is going to play centerfield? DK? Davis? Maybe this was addressed but I just landed and haven’t had a chance to read everything.

On another note, I’m sad to see Ajax and Smyly go. I liked both guys. They seemed like decent people and Ajax has been on fire for the last six weeks or so.

I know it’s a business but I’m not sure the Tigers are a better team after the trade.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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3 thoughts on “White Sox 7 Tigers 4

  1. Chris, those were my sentiments exactly… Lost in all the excitement was another horribly played game by the home team.. No pitching, no defense, and certainly no offense.. Soria has been a total bust, and honestly looks like he will end up on the DL soon.. DD mentioned Davis and Carrera will share CF, and we know this is going to be a disaster.. I stated a few weeks back the team needed to add starting pitching, and they addressed that need in a big way.. But this is still a very flawed team..

    • Sark, I just don’t get it! Like I said, I’m glad to have Price but this team is a disaster and I don’t think Price will make a huge difference. I was only 15 in 84 but when they won everybody said, how you had to be strong up the middle to win.

      The Tigers of 2014 are an ABOMINATION UP THE MIDDLE, both defensively and offensively. Isn’t it time to sit Avila down? I don’t think his defense is that great. Suarez isn’t good a short. AJax was a good defender, not great, but he’s gone and they’re going to put Davis in Center? He can’t catch! The looks like Albert Belle in the field.

      I hope I’m wrong.

      AND ISN’T THE AMAZING AL EXPERIMENT OVER? How many more times is he going be brought in.

      I think the Rangers got DD back for the Fielder trade with the Soria deal. HE BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YES on all counts – DD was had on the Soria trade… Avila should be sent to AAA to work on his swing with Bull – he is so much better when he hits to the opposite field…. Yes they are weak up the middle other than Kinsler, and Suarez was never going to make us forget Iggy. I also think he will hit the wall offensively too… I think the Price deal was as much about next year as it is this year… Not sure why settled for so little in return.. They got more for Shields and Price is twice the pitcher.. If they do happen to make the playoffs it will be interesting to see which starter is sent to the pen…

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