Tigers 4 Yankees 3

The Tigers got clutch hitting from an unlikely source, Alex Avila. Not only did A Squared Money hit the go-ahead home run in the 12th, but he had a clutch two-out single in the seventh, to tie the game.

David Price was good in his Tigers debut. He lasted 8.2 innings, struck out 10 and walked 0.

J.D. Martinez flashed some leather. He made a nice running catch in the 12th. J.D. has quietly made some nice plays in the outfield this season. Two running catches in K.C., right before the break, come to mind in addition to tonight’s catch.

Joba keeping Gardner off the bases in the the 10th was a key to winning this game. I had a bad feeling that Gardner would find a way to score had he gotten on.

J.V. tomorrow.

“God I live baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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4 thoughts on “Tigers 4 Yankees 3

  1. As much as the AA hits were clutch, the Romine HR was key.. At that time I don’t think we had a hit since the first.. Good win overall.. Key stat – NO walks… Amazing how that works.. AA had some good swings today – wish he could do it more often.

    • Good point Sark. Romine’s was probably the key hit! I guess was just SHOCKED by A Squared Money. However, Romine coming through was no less shocking.

      I’m really getting irritated with Miggy! WTF? For $30 million, he needs to carry a slumping offense for a while.

  2. I hope this is the start of something positive. A pitcher who pitched like that one pitcher the Tigers used to have. Wonder what became of him? An offense with more than one hitter and a pen that went extras and won against a team fighting for a playoff spot. I guess we have seen what they CAN do now we wait to see what they WILL do

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