Yankees 5 Tigers 1

Somehow, the numbers say the Tigers have the best offense in baseball. This defies logic.

The Tigers could manage only one un-earned run tonight, same as Monday. Even in the top of the eighth, when Chase Headley tried to give them a run, the offense refused to take it.

I’m disgusted. Like I’ve said a hundred times, you can’t pitch well enough to win with an offense so inept.

The Tigers are hard to watch right now.

Good luck to Freeway Ricky tomorrow. I hope he’s not expecting any run support.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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2 thoughts on “Yankees 5 Tigers 1

  1. With offense like this who needs good pitching?? Thank goodness I didn’t have to watch this game. This is pretty much what we’ll see if they make the playoffs, which is why they will struggle to get to the WS.

  2. Well with Miggy, Hunter, & Suarez out today our offense will look “different” KC tacked on a run in the 8th last night & one by a run. Kinda funny how that works…

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