Tigers 8 Pirates 4

It’s amazing how much better a win makes everything seem. Especially when a pathetic offense scores eight runs in come from behind fashion.

Kudos have to go out to Alex “A Squared Money” Avila. He ignited a stagnant offense with a monster shot to right field. After that, the rest of the offense came alive.

Kudos again to Nick Castellanos for another big shot to give the Tigers the lead for good.

What makes this win nicer is that the Tigers only got a decent start from rookie Buck Farmer but the bullpen for once got the job done.

Blaine Hardy was solid for two innings and Joba was good as well in the eighth. Joe Nathan was Joe Nathan, not good but adequate, I guess.

One interesting move by the Pirates was the intentional walk to Cabrera. Although, Miggy took a walk and drove in a run with a deep fly ball, he has been struggling with little power but I guess he’s still Miguel Cabrera. That being said, I’m not sure I would have given him the free pass.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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2 thoughts on “Tigers 8 Pirates 4

  1. Went to the game stayed till the end to let the crowd clear the girl behind me noticed something about Nathans gesture to the crowd….not till I got home and saw the video…..and Victor is frustrated. Well fine they get mad enough to win a world championship I’ll eat crow on Woodward. If not…10% of my income goes to these guys if they don’t want me or my money cause I care well I can find someone who will. You don’t win 162-0 I get that but they lay down I am out! All this after a win for a team that is 1/2 game out?

  2. Some of these guys are the reason I simply ‘don’t go’ anymore. The money they make and they think it comes from Ilitch? Win it for Mr I? Well it doesn’t. He runs a business that takes in millions in ticket revenue. And TV revenue that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t watch the games and ‘purchase’ the advertisers products. It all comes from the consumer and that all gets lost on these morons. Do they think he is so benevolent he would pay these high salaries out of his own pocket? I had a senior game last night, and the consensus of my teammates is this Tigers team is very fundamentally flawed. And by that we mean they lack in fundamental baseball. To sum it up – they SUCK. And they have since JL took over in 2006. And that is why they haven’t won anything since 1984. On the good side AA has been swinging better, as well as Nick C. I don’t think DK has earned the right to start anymore and that experiment should end.

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