Pirates 4 Tigers 2

For the seventh time in nine road games the Tigers lost.

I feel like an idiot for tuning in every game and hoping for a different outcome.

The Tigers aren’t doing anything well. Perhaps Brad Ausmus should consider playing his best defensive team and seeing what happens. It’s not like the offense can get much worse.

By playing defense first maybe they can help the struggling bullpen. The Tigers can’t afford to give anybody extra outs. Their pitching and offense can’t overcome the defensive miscues that plague this team on a regular basis.

Victor is going to have to sit in NL parks. Ever since his injury he hasn’t been doing much anyway and Cabrera can’t play third. Romine has to play short. I’m not sure what to do at third, maybe DK? Actually, I’m not sure what to do with the outfield either. On queue, the minute I commented on how well J.D. Martinez was playing in the field, suddenly he can’t pick the ball up anymore. Torii is old, I don’t think Davis is much of a fielder and I’m pissed at Carrera.

What a mess.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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4 thoughts on “Pirates 4 Tigers 2

  1. This is probably the first game where AJ would have made a huge difference. Carrera looked like he was in my senior league – I got it, no you take it!!! Miggy can’t even bend over at 3rd. VMart isn’t healed from whatever he had, and I know he is slow, but man he gives zero effort on running out grounders. Notice how well AA hits when he goes the other way. So much better I wish he would do that more often cuz it’s a sweet swing when he does. Anyone with tickets for Sat night should go – it’s looking like Felix against Price. We know the Tigers won’t hit, but maybe Price will be motivated by the matchup. Looking forward to the kid pitching tomorrow. He has a name for sports.

  2. When the opposing pitcher catches a ball behind his back and snuffs out an early rally….you know it’s gonna be one of those nights. Maybe our single A pitcher tomorrow will be such a secret that……..oh hell hope is not a strategy. What a mess!

  3. As ridiculous as that play was, by catching it he prevented a simple double play – see my above comment on foot speed of VMart. They suck right now and there isn’t any way to sugar coat it. MLB guys were poking fun at how the Tigers are now tied with Seattle for the 2nd wild card. Yet Harold Reynolds still says they are the team to beat in the AL. What f-ing team is he watching??

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