Tigers 4 Mariners 2

OK, I don’t get it. How can the Tigers put together solid at-bats up and down the lineup, drive up the pitch count, score two runs on seven hits, and drive one of the best pitchers in baseball from the game in only five innings? This is same offense who made Shane Greene and Chris Capuano look like Cy Young candidates.

This game doesn’t seem like an anomaly either? Remember the Angels series in Anaheim? The Tigers scored six runs in game one, when Garrett Richards pitched, then took the next three games off.

If the Tigers offense only decides to concentrate when they face a good pitcher that might be worse than actually sucking. That means they only play when they feel like it.

I’m not sure what to make of this team.

Price was excellent tonight. I was surprised BA left him in when he got in trouble in the eighth but perhaps the Arizona and Toronto series taught him a lesson.

The shit bird, Joe Nathan, pitched the ninth. I was surprised by the crowd’s reaction, or lack thereof. The crowd really didn’t boo or cheer him. It was quiet and kind of strange. (h/t to my cousin Bob & Nebraska for emailing me the link to this story.)

One more thing, up yours Nathan you shit bird.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Tigers 4 Mariners 2

  1. I get it …one word…..LEADERSHIP! Price looked like & pitched like a winner from early on in the first when he struggled some to find some spots he looked like a winner and everyone came along. Kinda like that one guy who used to pitch for the Tigers, Mr Upton? What happened to him? This wasn’t I’m spent turn it over to the other guys and see what happens (hold your breath..wait for it..there goes the lead) This was I’m gonna win…..and they did!

  2. Yea it was finally nice to see a pitcher step and say YES.. He’s been here just long enough to see this bullpen and say to BA “are you kidding me?”

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