Mariners 7 Tigers 2

Freeway Ricky was bad.

The offense was bad.

The Tigers are now 1.5 games behind the Royals

They only good thing from this game is that Miggy had two doubles and a walk.

I just hope they don’t get swept. I thought today was a must win game. I don’t like their chances tomorrow or Sunday.

One more thing, up yours Nathan you shit bird!

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Mariners 7 Tigers 2

  1. Key phrase “big trouble” when I put that in google translate it came out as “epic collapse”…..maybe I misspelled?

  2. I think the Miggy bobble head saying NL MVP sums it up!! Maybe it’s forecasting him going back to the NL for a boatload.

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