Rays 1 Tigers 0

I’d be more open to “tipping my hat” to the other pitcher if this didn’t happen so often. That being said, both pitchers threw a gem this afternoon. So hat’s off to both Alex Cobb and David Price

David Price was smokin balls. He pitched a complete game and allowed only one unearned run and got a loss for his effort.

The Tigers had chances to score but couldn’t come through with a big at-bat. The top of the seventh with Torii on third, and one out, comes to mind.

I wasn’t back on the bandwagon after the first two wins so I’m not that disappointed by today’s loss.

The Royals could be on a run like the Colorado Rockies were on in 2007.

We’ll see.

Oh yea, up yours Nathan you shit bird!

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Rays 1 Tigers 0

  1. Yea they didn’t convince me the 2games prior either, so this effort wasn’t surprising. Price must be thinking wtf!! Sadly, even with all the noise they made on the bases, they never really scared home plate. This weekend could be ugly, given 2rookies pitching and an iffy JV.

  2. “This weekend could be ugly”…nuf said ” The Royals could be on a run like the 2007 Rockies” Why not us? Miggy…. de’ javu all over again…I could just do acid….but NO I watch the Tigers!

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