I’m not sure how much more of this team I can take. They are becoming almost impossible to watch.

The Tigers are only five games up on the Indians. At this point, a second place finish and a .500 season are the best Tigers fans can hope for.

I’m almost speechless.

In fact, I am speechless.

Good night.

3 thoughts on “Embarrassing

    • What is the story with the defense. Neither Suarez, Romine, or Kinsler can catch a ball thrown to them a second base. WTF? When I quit watching they were charged with 2 errors but could have/should have been charge with 4.

      Doesn’t the Robbie Ray experiment need to be over? And Johnson too. He couldn’t pitch in Baltimore. He couldn’t pitch in Oakland, why would he be able to pitch here? Did Jeff Jones turn into Jim Hickey?

      I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

  1. UGLY they ain’t got no alibi they UGLY! and tomorrow it start’s again….oh well I had saved the playoff ticket $$$ Next season is half paid for and parking will be easier next month.

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