Twins 12 Tigers 4

I know Buck Farmer and Robbie Ray are call-ups, but these last two outings, if you can call them that, are abominations.

Just when I was warming up to Romine he pissed me off. After a Twins player hit a double Romine was yucking it up with him. Romine, is there something I’m missing? You and your team blow! So yuck that up jackass!

They suck!

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2 thoughts on “Twins 12 Tigers 4

  1. Rod Allen uttered the statement ” if the Tigers don’t make the playoffs it would be an epic collapse”….nuff said!

  2. This was what I expected from 2 minor league pitchers against a Twins team that can hit.. When you give up more runs than the outs you get, you’re in for a hurtin! They got what they deserved. Maybe the next 2 games will be more normal baseball. Doesn’t mean they’ll win…. About the epic collapse thing… Not so sure I would call it that, as this team has been flawed all year. And with the enormous amount of money tied up with a handful of players, you can’t surround them with major league talent. This team is so short on talent it’s scary.. Especially when the high-salary guys aren’t producing either!!

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