Tigers 13 Twins 4

As bad as things started out, the last two games took the a little sting out of the first two drubbings.

The offense rescued JV yesterday and Max today.

I have to tip my hat to the offense, they showed up in every game this series. They scored a total of 31 runs in four games, almost seven per. Unfortunately, the pitching staff gave up 43.

One thing this series showed is how fragile this team is. The only real strength the Tigers have is starting pitching. The offense is inconsistent, the defense is slightly better than embarrassing and the bullpen is an abomination. But the starting rotation is not deep, as we’ve seen. Basically, they don’t have a chance if any one if the starting five goes down. The Tigers have nobody that can make a spot start and give them a chance, as this series proved.

I’m not putting this team in the playoffs, although I did send in my money, but winning is a lot better than the crap we’ve seen over the last six weeks.

One more thing, up yours Nathan you shit bird, you sucked again yesterday you turd.

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3 thoughts on “Tigers 13 Twins 4

  1. I want to believe…….but well they beat a team that’s double digits back in the division with a starting pitcher who was described as “really good or really bad & today he is not good” Max well you know how far he pitched. Two things I know (1) The Tigers are chasing not leading (2) Every team out there is flawed….this one if they don’t get real healthy real fast will be really more flawed than others. They MAY get to the playoffs but beyond that?

  2. Wonder how this game would have turned out with Miggy in the lineup? A couple of well-placed double plays could have spiked some rallies.. Just saying he should be on the DL until he can provide some competent hitting, commensurate with his pay grade. Funny how their 3 highest paid are all nursing major injuries or in rehab… That would be Miggy, JV, and Sanchez.. Actually not so funny..

    • You know what else isn’t funny, the rookie pitchers. I wasn’t expecting a King Felix performance but geez, a combined 2.2 innings pitched, and 14 runs. No team can win with pitching like that, especially the Tigers pen.

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