Tigers 3 Yankees 2

It would have been criminal to lose this game. After the last two call-up starts by Ray and Farmer, Lobstein comes in and gives you six innings and one earned run, you better win.

For a while it looked like the shitty offense wouldn’t come through but key hits from unexpected places, Avila and Davis, were enough to pull this one out in the ninth. Avila actually drove in two of the three runs. In the ninth, it looked like he was looking for the slider on the first pitch.

Is it as painful for anyone else, as it is for me, to watch Miggy this year? I feel bad for him. He’s just not his old self.

The substitutions have become a farce. BA pretty much emptied the bench today. I’m not sure what he would have done if the game went extra innings. Perhaps he would have had the turd catch. In any event, like Sark said, all these moves are just silly.

I’ll take the W.

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2 thoughts on “Tigers 3 Yankees 2

  1. I agree Chris, it is difficult watching Miggy.. He is clearly hurt, probably more than last year. I’ll give him his due, that he wants to be out there earning his money and trying to help the cause. But in my opinion he is a liability in this condition…. The silly moves are now becoming plain stupid.. How do you take your best hitter out of a tie game with the potential for many extra innings? Any major league player should be able to score from second base. Even VMart who runs like he has a doublewides refrigerator on his back… Whatever. Given the pitching matchups at the beginning of the series they got the 2 wins I figured, only in different order.. This road trip will define the rest of the season..

  2. I agree it hurts to watch Miggy and liability is a question. That said I want to believe. The the kind of ball they played yesterday is what they must do to move forward…except in the 3rd we dropped strike three which led to an extra out which led to an unearned run thanks to one “under the bus infielder” which led to an extra 16 pitches on what had been a very low pitch count. So if it was a game 7 the 9th inning was nice should not have needed it but that NY unearned run…..I want to believe

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