Yankees 8 Tigers 4

David Price did his best Robbie Ray imitation. He lasted 2+ innings and gave up eight runs.

By the time the Tigers came to bat in the third the game was over.

I knew in the first inning that Price was in trouble. Like the Blue Jays, a few starts ago, the Yankees made Price throw a lot of pitches, around 30 in the first inning. This start was a nightmare and not good enough.

The Tigers have a rookie pitching tomorrow and in one of two games on Saturday. This weekend is probably going to get ugly again.

Has anybody noticed how Smyly is pitching?

If there was a bright side tonight, the pen threw seven scoreless innings.

Oh boy!

One thought on “Yankees 8 Tigers 4

  1. It’s topsy-turvy world for our Tigers. Would have expected the reverse outcome for these past two games. But hey, they’re still breathing.. After the games this week it should be clear who our ACE is, and his name is Ricky..

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