Tiger Fall, 6-2 ,Split Four Game Series

Normally, a split of a four game series, on the road, is acceptable, but not this time.

Yesterday, the Tigers split a double-header in an unconventional fashion. The 2013 CY Young winner got beaten into a conniption in game one but a rookie stepped up, and was lights out in game two.

Hats off to Kyle Ryan.

Today, Freeway Ricky got dealt a bad hand. He took the loss and gave up six runs in six and two thirds. However, only three runs were earned. The defense let him down making four errors. He wasn’t lights out, he allowed 11 hits, but he deserved a better fate.

I guess the Tigers will have to regroup in Cleveland. At worst, by the end of the day, they will be only one game out if the Royals win.

3 thoughts on “Tiger Fall, 6-2 ,Split Four Game Series

  1. Sad….they better turn the ship quick before they sail off the edge of the world….’cause right now their world looks flat!

    • Mike, thanks for stopping by. FYI: I love your site. I need to get to more minor league games. I was sitting next to a lady on the 8/16 who had seen King Felix pitch in the minors in San Antonio.

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