Tribe 7 Tigers 0

Well the offense didn’t show up tonight and I wish JV didn’t either. He was horrible. I have officially lost any hope of seeing a quality JV any time soon.

No, I won’t tip my hat to Indians starter Danny Salazar, although he excellent, that tune has been played too many times before. The Tigers offense sucked and so did Verlander.

FYI: Seattle and KC both won.

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3 thoughts on “Tribe 7 Tigers 0

  1. Friend of mine had the Indians feed & their broadcasters looked at JV’s arm in dog years and concluded he has just to many innings (like we didn’t know) No JV No Sanche No healthy Cabby No Soria ….to many leaks in this dam to float this boat to the playoffs. Factoid IF they sign Price to an extension Price, Miggy, JV = App $600M twice the cost to build Comerica Parl in 3 players over age 30. Better buy LOT’S of pizza…

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