Tigers 11 Indians 4

Remember the post a few days ago saying Miggy is back. Forget it. Although he had a double in the 10th tonight, he looked horrible in his previous at-bats. Not having power I can understand but what’s up with the terrible pitches he swings at? In fact, he got a nice call from the umpires that saved his last trip to the plate.

OK, the defense has become worse than horrible. What in the sam hell is going on out there? The Tigers have made 91 errors this year, good for 7th worst in all of MLB. Besides giving the opposition extra outs, how much more stress does it put on the pitchers?

Let’s see, errors give opposing teams extra outs. Extra outs cause pitchers to throw more pitches. More pitches from the starters means shorter outings. Shorter outings means getting into the bullpen faster. The bullpen is an abomination. Hmmmm, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Nebraska, you’re right, “to many leaks in this dam to float this boat to the playoffs.

Did I mention the Tigers won with a seven run 11th?

3 thoughts on “Tigers 11 Indians 4

  1. Miggy and the rest of the hitters checked out after the first inning. The Cle pitcher was still missing with his breaking ball, yet they were swinging at it after they got the 4 run lead. They were lucky to win tonight against a shit team like Cleveland. Give your starter and so-called ace 4 in the first and he proceeds to pitch a lousy game. He may have deserved better defense, but he didn’t deserve to win. In fact the team was saved by Coke, of all people…. Not saying they deserve to be in the playoffs, but they probably will..

  2. Almost everything I see posted above is 100% correct. No way that game should have gone extras….period. Only place I differ is…..I think the Royals are the 07 Rockies and I will put this in print…if we slip to far to the Royals I believe they will fold up the tent and “Legendary Loyd & AJ will take the wild card. Now lets see if they prove me wrong…or?

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