Tigers 4 Royals 2

Forgive me,

I have to tip my virtual hat to Joe Nathan tonight. I know he’s a turd but he looked pretty good. I wasn’t even planning to rag on him if he blew the save. He made good pitches to the first two Royals but ended up with runners on first and second and nobody out.

Nathan could have folded. I expected him to fold. He didn’t. He came back with two strikeouts and a pickoff.

Speaking of pickoffs. Thank you Jarrod Dyson! What in the sam hell were you doing? Whatever it was keep doing it.

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One thought on “Tigers 4 Royals 2

  1. Not sure what goes on when these two teams do not play each other.. Why KC beats up on other teams, and the Tigers can’t beat anyone… But when they play each other, AND if the Tigers are into the game mentally, the talent gap is revealing…. Doesn’t mean the Tigers are in control, because when KC leaves town it might be back to ‘normal’ again.. I though Scherzer was ordinary and got lucky with the near HR.. And KC telegraphed their intentions in the 9th with the pinch runner, though the strategy made no sense against a struggling relief pitcher.

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