Royals 3 Tigers 0

Freeway Ricky just can’t get that 16th win. While he hasn’t been smokin’ balls, other than the Giants game, he’s pitched well enough win.

Yesterday, he pitched 6.2 and gave up two runs on seven hits. The problem was the offense could manage only two hits off of Big Game James Shields and nothing off of the the Royals pen.

Normally, 2 out 3 is good, but in the middle of this race, with this Tigers team, I’m not so sure.

As Nebraska says, “we shall see.”

3 thoughts on “Royals 3 Tigers 0

  1. Well 2 outta 3 ain’t bad…however with 16 games left I sure didn’t see a team peaking last night. Starting pitching has an ERA of 2 and they get shut out. IF they get to the post season the pitching isn’t going to get any easier. To hurt to inconsistent to get very far away from their golf clubs I am afraid…..we shall see. Please prove me wrong!

  2. 2 out of 3 was good, but not good enough.. Everything returns to normal again tonight with KC at home in the very soft part of their schedule. Same for the Tigers, but we know how that script has gone so far.. It will be extremely embarrassing to lose out to a team in which their biggest offensive weapon is the infield single. Tigers will have to win virtually every game on their schedule not against KC. Ricky deserved a little better fate last night. He actually pitched the best of the 3 starters in this series, but got no support.

  3. As bad as our team has been, we should feel better that we’re not the Brewers or A’s both in dramatic free fall… And tonight I see the royals committing 3 more errors.. Seems they’re feeling the pressure..

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