Tigers 6 Indians 4

Another come from behind win gave the Tigers the weekend sweep of the Tribe.

JV was ok, not terrible, not good. He gave up three earned runs in five and two thirds. However, he didn’t get any help from Blaine Hardy who came in to relieve him. Hardy, allowed both inherited runners to score.

They need to limit JV to 90 pitches.

BTW: Hardy has walked six runners in his last three innings.

Speaking of walks, the turd got another save but didn’t look good doing it. He was given an three run lead. He ended up allowing a run on two hits and another WALK! I don’t think Nathan has figured anything out I think he’s just on a good run of cards. He blows! Interestingly, BA had Soria warming up when Nathan started sucking in the ninth, which was pretty much immediately.

Kinlser and J.D. Martinez led the way offensively with two RBIs each. Kinsler finally had a big hit and J.D. continues to get it done.

The Royals lost the Red Sox so the Tigers lead is one and a half games.

3 thoughts on “Tigers 6 Indians 4

  1. Maybe…..MAYBE….Brad Ausmus has figured something out. He pulled JV for the left hander..even if the results weren’t what we wanted but it was the right move. And IF we get to OCTOBER we will need a healthy Soria to close and the fact he was up should tell us more than the post game interviews. I am afraid in the post season we won’t have a 5 run spread when we go to the pen….I am afraid.

  2. JV wasn’t very good, couldn’t locate the fastball. But Cleveland sucks so he ended up getting thru 5 innings. Even the hits they had weren’t very hard. Maybe now we can finally stop hearing all the talk about Cleveland and the playoffs in the same sentence. Good riddance! The only way I’ll give Nathan a pass today is that he had to face Brantley, and nobody on the Tigers has been able to get him out all year. What is with all the pickoffs at 1b this week?? I counted at least 4, counting Avila today.

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