Tigers 5 Tribe 4

They call him “A Squared Money”, well at least I do, and he came up big. He hit a two run, game winning homer, in the bottom of the eight that preserved the Tigers half game lead in the central.

I have been hard on Avila, especially in the middle of the season, but he’s had a knack for big hits this year. Hats off to Alex Avila.

Kyle Lobstein was ok considering this was only his 4th big league start. So far, he seems to be an adequate 5th starter.

The bullpen, Soria, Chamberlain, and Nathan got the job done, although I wanted to scream when the turd walked the leadoff man in the ninth.

The Royals dusted the Red Sox tonight.

Completing the sweep would be nice.

“We shall see.”

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2 thoughts on “Tigers 5 Tribe 4

  1. Good win but this would have been a bad loss had Avila not come through. Good to see the kind of extra effort and focus it takes to win games, but where is that effort and focus all season. I use the Hunter catch in the 8th inning as the perfect example. No way he catches that in game 30 or 100. Their casual play during the full season is what costs them wins and any chance to host more playoff games. But ‘ll take the W and the excitement of the final two weeks to come. Nice to see designated Tiger killer Murphy make the final out.

  2. Sark great post agree 100%. I would like a couple of things and maybe they have a chance.. (1) Sanche back in the rotation (2) A healthy Soria pitching to form (3) Someone introduce Joe Nathan to the devil…

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