Twins 4 Tigers 3

After absolutely sucking for eight innings, the Tigers offense, behind J.D. Martinez’s three run homer, rallied to take the lead in the ninth.

The turd came on in the ninth and blew the game but did he? Readers know how little I think of Joe Nathan, and he deserves to be chastised for giving up a one out walk in the ninth, but WTF Ezequiel Carrera? If he holds Suzuki to a single there’s a chance the Twins don’t score at all.

I think this loss is the chickens coming home to roost. The turd has been getting away with walks and bad pitching for about a month. It had to catch up with him. Also, Brad Ausmus’s stupid substitutions came back to bite him as well.

I understand pinch running for Miggy but Carrera didn’t have to go in for defense. But BA insists on emptying his bench at the first opportunity.

And why take J.D. out of the game? You have a one run lead going into the ninth and you take two of your three best hitters out of the game? Are you that confident in Nathan? If you are, you’re the only one.

FYI: Since the all-star break, Freeway Ricky has a sub three ERA and a 3-6 record.

6 thoughts on “Twins 4 Tigers 3

  1. Well…you can’t steal first…that’s it! They got Soria for a reason guess the Tigers better figure out why. I can’t drink enough to make this go away.

  2. Didn’t watch this one, but heard the winning run on the radio. Ausmus has to be a one-year experiment please.. And the Carrera experiment should have ended a month ago.. He sure gained a lot of equity on that one catch he made in NY. Otherwise, not sure why he is classified as a ‘defensive replacement’. Doesn’t seem to have much baseball IQ.. Probably a good thing it ended in the 9th, since the boy genius emptied his bench and took out 2 of the best hitters. Ricky can’t catch a break these past 2 months..

    • I AGREE, BA HAS TO GO!!! He is just a younger version of Leyland, no new ideas just the same old shit that hasn’t worked for 30 years. HE BLOWS AND SO DOES NATHAN THE TURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A quick Thanx! to everyone @whitesox for keeping the suicide rate in Mi down last night.And remember Tigers fans…YOU CAN”T STEAL FIRST!

  4. And after the game Brad was asked if there is any questions/concerns on the closer situation and he said absolutely not. Really? The Soria move was for what? And again, with the Bullpen we have, Let’s stretch our starters out. Ricky had no stress all evening other than his own team offense.

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