White Sox 2 Tigers 0

Not this again. Just when I was starting to praise the offense they play a game like this.

Ian Kinsler was a one man offense sabotage unit. He was 0-4, reached on an error in the first, was promptly thrown out trying to steal second. Then he killed a rally by bouncing into a double play in the third.

To show you the sorry state of affairs, the Tigers lead-off man, Kinsler, is hitting .273. His OBP is .305 and he has struck out 77 times. The worst part is, he’s the best the Tigers have.

A great outing by Kyle Lobstein went to waste and to make matters worse, the Royals won.

2 thoughts on “White Sox 2 Tigers 0

  1. I don’t know what to think….IF….this team gets to the post season I can’t invent a situation where they go anywhere other than “out” early. I sat next to a gentleman from St. Louis and he was very objective and he felt my pain. Tomorrow is a new day and we are still in first…..we shall see.

  2. With this pathetic performance they have now put their playoff success at risk, because of their inability all year to beat the 2 teams they play this week. With that said, this division has been won each year by the team with the best in-division record. The Tigers, for all their failings, are still 8 games over .500, KC is even. That can certainly change this week if they don’t get their shit together against teams willing and able to make it difficult. Sale on Wednesday and Hughes to follow, whom they have struggled against..

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