Royals 5 Tigers 2

I know they can’t win them all but today was very disappointing. It almost looks like they took the day off.

Freeway Ricky was very disappointing. It seems he has the same ailment that David Price has, one good start, one bad start. I’ve noticed that Ricky doesn’t do a good job of adapting. If he gets ambushed early, it doesn’t seem like he has a plan b. For that matter, shouldn’t Jeff Jones have a plan b?

The offense blew today.

Basically, the Tigers got what they deserved, a loss. One hundred and fifty five games into the season, nothing is settled in the Central.

2 thoughts on “Royals 5 Tigers 2

  1. This loss wrecked my chance at bragging about my bold-ass prediction of a sweep. Ricky has been the most consistent starter all year but today he was simply bad, and he is limping toward the finish line with the rest of them. The offense didn’t have the same focus or intensity as the prior two games. They’ll need to find that focus again because they haven’t been good at home and will be facing Sale and Hughes this week. Not to mention the pain-in-the-ass Twins offense. Let’s see what happens tomorrow in the finish of the suspended game against Cleveland.

  2. It’s hard to sweep any team at home…I get it…but I just don’t know. After KC gave us the gift run that made in 2-2 I wondered if anyone had told KC it was September. As the game went on I wondered if the Tigers remembered what month it was. Inconsistent to the point of madness at least for me. Crippy you are right nobody won nothin yet. It will be an interesting week that’s for sure. Whatever happens I don’t think these guys want to let their golf clubs get to far away….

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