Tigers 6 White Sox 1

That’s why they play the games. I had this chalked up as a loss when I saw the pitching match-up. That shows how much I know.

I have not said this very often in the last two years; JV was smokin balls. I thought I was time warped back to 2011. He out pitched that sack of garbage Chris Sale.

Until the sixth inning, I was a Sale for CY Young booster, but anybody that can be that stupid doesn’t deserve to win it.

Like Nebraska says, ‘you can’t fix stupid.”

Just when I think Miggy is back he K’s four times. WTF?

Hat tip to J.D. and Rajai, they led the offensive charge this afternoon.

The Tigers are in first for another day.

Twins tomorrow.

One thought on “Tigers 6 White Sox 1

  1. Good all-around win, as JV seems to have some sort of groove.. He didn’t dominate and the Sox seemed in a hurry to leave town, swinging at many first pitches. But he didn’t walk anyone and that is the key to winning. Sale has to be a complete idiot to think anyone can steal signs from CF, AND manage to signal them in to the hitter. AND it is even more ridiculous to think the hitter can focus enough to pickup said signs. With that said, the Tigers catch a break since the Twins moved Hughes up a day. The pitching match ups this weekend all favor the Tigers, so no excuses.

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