Blue Jays 7 Tigers 2

Well the winning steak ended at five.  The Blue Jays pounded Jordan Zimmerman for seven runs.  He didn’t have it today.

The home-stand was great, The Tigers went 5-2. I’m glad I wasn’t betting these games because it was a home-stand of surprises.

I didn’t think the Tigers would win the matchup on Saturday, Pelfrey against Sale.  I didn’t like the Sanchez/Boyd matchup yesterday and I would have bet the farm on Zimmerman against R.A. Dickey this afternoon.  I guess that shows how much I know, or don’t.

It is back to the road and let’s hope it is better than the last two.

Tigers 5 White Sox 2

The Tigers completed the sweep of the White Sox on Sunday with a 5-2 win at Comerica Park.

This team seems to be Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde and it seems to coincide with whether they are at home or not.  They seem to play well at home and not so well on the road.

What I really liked about this series is that they beat Chris Sale on Tuesday afternoon.  Sale is a perennial Cy Young candidate but they found a way to beat him.

More good news, Zimmerman, Pelfrey and JV all pitched well.

Let’s see what happens with the Blue Jays in town.


White Sox 2 Tigers 1

The Tigers lost their third game in a row.  This is not the way I was hoping they’d close out the season.  I guess this was no surprise.  They usually don’t do much against Chris Sale.

On the bright side, Alfredo Simon pitched a gem.  He threw an eight inning complete game allowing only two earned on five hits.  He only struck out one and walked one but he pitched more than well enough to win. Unfortunately, he got little help from the offense.

Notes: Chris Sale set a White Sox single season strikeout record when he Kd James McCann for his 270th in the second inning.

Royals 10 Tigers 3

The four game winning streak came to an end today.  Alfredo Simon was atrocious and the offense couldn’t come up with 11 runs to complete the sweep.

On the bright side, Miggy had another hit and RBI, although he was only 1-4 and did leave four runners on base. Victor had another hit and RBI and was 1-2 with a walk.  Additionally, this was the second straight series win.

Simon is a free agent at the end of the season and I’m wondering if the Tigers are going to make him an offer. He does have 13 wins but his ERA is 5.21 and he is wildly inconsistent.  Perhaps, for the right price, he’d be ok for a fifth starter or long relief, but I don’t think he can be counted on for much more.

The White Sox come to town tomorrow and it looks like the Tigers might miss Chris Sale which I’m not sure is much of a break. Sale has really struggled down the stretch, as he did last season, which probably cost him the 2014 A.L. Cy Young Award.

Is it just me or does it seem like J.D. is struggling?

Hmmm Look Out Below?

Before the start of the 2015 baseball season, at the draft of one of my fantasy baseball leagues, regular reader, Sark, predicted that the Minnesota Twins might be a threat in the A.L. Central this season.

I really wasn’t sure what to make of this prediction.  I didn’t like their dismissal of Ron Gardenhire, perhaps my favorite manager, and I didn’t see any big improvements they made made to their roster, although I didn’t follow them that closely in the off season, and after the Tigers torched them to open the season, I didn’t think much more about them. But did anyone notice that they swept a four game series from the White Sox this weekend?

Thursday they beat Chris Sale into a conniption hanging nine runs on him in three innings.  Friday they beat them 1-0. Saturday they won 5-3 and today they finished off the sweep with a 13-3 annihilation.  They are now in third place, one game over .500, and 7-3 in their last 10.

Sark, you may be on to something.  It’s early, but as Nebraska says, “we shall see”.

Tigers 6 White Sox 1

That’s why they play the games. I had this chalked up as a loss when I saw the pitching match-up. That shows how much I know.

I have not said this very often in the last two years; JV was smokin balls. I thought I was time warped back to 2011. He out pitched that sack of garbage Chris Sale.

Until the sixth inning, I was a Sale for CY Young booster, but anybody that can be that stupid doesn’t deserve to win it.

Like Nebraska says, ‘you can’t fix stupid.”

Just when I think Miggy is back he K’s four times. WTF?

Hat tip to J.D. and Rajai, they led the offensive charge this afternoon.

The Tigers are in first for another day.

Twins tomorrow.

Max Stops The Bleeding

Let’s hope it isn’t a band aide on a hemorrhage.

There’s no other way to say it, Max was smokin balls! Not only did he get the win but he got his first complete game as well.

The Tigers finally got an Ace to beat an Ace. Chris Sale was good but Max was better.

Is Bryan Holaday the number two catcher?

“God I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs ! The Natural