Twins 11 Tigers 4

Uh oh!

This game was over before it started. I don’t know what is up with Freeway Ricky but he has been horrible lately. Not only is he giving up hits but the extra base hits, double and home-runs, is very concerning. That being said, he didn’t get much help from Rajai Davis or Nick Castellanos.

On the first pitch of the game, Danny Santana hit a long fly ball to straight-away center field. Davis came in, then went back, then turned the wrong way. Santana ended up on second. A good center fielder would have made the catch.

If the Tigers make it past the wild-card game, Castellanos cannot start at third. He is an abomination. He is directly responsible for four of the Twins’ eleven runs yesterday. He isn’t doing anything at the plate either. In fact, the Tigers aren’t getting much from the 6,7 or 8 hitters.

I have a bad feeling the Tigers’ season is going to be over Tuesday. The Royals are not going to lose to the White Sox and I’m not sure the Tigers will win the last two against the Twins.

I hope I’m wrong.

4 thoughts on “Twins 11 Tigers 4

  1. Sure did not look like a championship team last night. Looked like a team lost and out of sync. If they don’t find the road map to a W tonight….well this could be an epic fail that rolls heads…

  2. You’re right about the first misplay by Davis. Because of that, for some reason the coaches had Nick C playing in. If he was normal depth he easily catches that grounder. Honestly, Rick P looked completely frustrated at that point, even though he almost got out of the inning with only 1 run. He has been leaving some pitches up and he’s getting hurt by it… This is eerily starting to look like 2006. If you recall Minn was beating everyone not named Detroit, and in comes a young, cocky, crappy KC team to sweep the last series against us, costing the division title. Now we have KC beating everyone not named Detroit, and in comes a young, cocky, crappy Minn team to beat up on the Tigers.. If we’re fortunate enough to win one of these games we’ll likely have a game 163 here on Monday to decide who plays Tuesday. Not a good situation…..

  3. BTW…for those of you who follow such things tonight Vegas says Tigers -$165 Min +$152 KC -$165 Sox +$152…..Hum

  4. Minny should be favored against the Tigers, no matter who is pitching. They’re the better team head-to-head. Tigers will be lucky to win either of these two games, and I certainly wouldn’t bet on them as a favorite.

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