Tigers 3 Twins 0

It took 162 games but the Tigers clinched their fourth consecutive America League Central Division title.

This game was won by Price and Kinsler.

The Tigers needed a big start and they got it. Price was smokin’ balls. He pitched 7.1 innings of shutout baseball.

The atmosphere at Comerica Park was extremely tense. Very few batters had good at-bats but Kinsler was 3-4 and drove in two of the three runs.

Miggy’s first two at-bats were two of the worst I’ve every seen from him.

This season wasn’t pretty but the Tigers, flaws and all, are in the post-season. I’m not sure what to expect but I guess anything can happen.

I hope the A’s beat the Royals into a conniption. I’ve developed a deep dislike for KC and the Twins. And the White Sox for that matter.

4 thoughts on “Tigers 3 Twins 0

  1. Tense is a good choice of words.The guy sitting next to me didn’t flinch when a foul came his way. I almost got run over by a herd of elephants…tense. That said I have talked to my baseball handicapper and he see the AL as so muddled he can’t pick one. Everybody starts at zero for the next series. Just win baby.

  2. Glad my reverse jinx worked 🙂 Twins must have been tired from running the bases for 48 hours. Tigers hitting was pretty lousy the entire home stand, and we can expect more of that the rest of the way.. I think the Orioles got the bad draw out of all this mess.. That’s what they get for winning an extremely weak division.. They are going against starting pitchers they historically struggle against.. We beat them 5 out of 6 even though it was way back in the first few weeks.. As long as we don’t let Cruz beat us single-handedly like 2011 we should advance.. But who knows with this team. Baltimore definitely has the edge at manager, defense, and bullpen. Just my own viewpoint but I am sooooo thankful the insufferable Derek Jeter retirement party is finally over…

  3. LIke I said, I”m not sure what to expect. The offense is so streaky it scares me. I think the pitching may be better because they’ll have Sanchez in the pen. Hopefully, they won’t have to use Coke, Hardy, Krol, Ryan, Reed etc,

  4. My bullpen would consist of only Soria, Joba, Nathan, Sanchez, possibly AA & Hardy. I wouldn’t even think of bringing anyone other than the first 4 in to a game, with the others for 1 or 2 hitters maximum. I expect the starting pitching to be good and the hitting to erratic – nothing new here.

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