Royals 9 A’s 8

This may have been the best baseball game I ever saw.

It was supposed to be a low scoring, pitcher’s duel, but neither Big Game James Shields or John Lester were on their game. Or maybe it was just time for both of those offenses to break out.

Lester pitched into the eight but in the end he was charge with six earned runs.

I thought the Royals were done at 7-3.

I thought the Royals were done at 8-7.

When the A’s scored in the top of the 12th I thought that was it. I figured the Royals had squandered too many chances to win it. I was wrong. They just kept scratching out runs.

I’m interested to see the Royals – Angels series.

2 thoughts on “Royals 9 A’s 8

  1. It was entertaining to say the least.. Oakland completed it’s epic collapse, both for this game and the season.. Interesting to see if heads will roll.. I thought both pitchers were pretty bad, with ‘big game’ pulling a Scherzer and essentially taking himself out in the 6th with way less than 100 pitches.. How did that work out? In the end KC turned it into a track meet and the A’s had no answer.. I don’t think KC has the hitting to beat the Angels, but who knows anymore..

  2. Not the game I expected for sure. Myself I will quit with predictions however the folks in Vegas think Tigers -$113 Baltimore +$104 & Angles -$170 KC +$155 so they have a plan for Thursday…

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