Orioles 12 Tigers 3

All of the Tigers flaws were on display but it all started with Scherzer. He wasn’t nearly good enough. Although his final line was worse than he pitched he wasn’t good enough.

I could excuse his first inning but giving back the lead right after the offense tied the game was offensive.

I’m not even that mad about the 8thinning implosion. Anybody that was shocked by the defense and bullpen hasn’t been watching all season.

What really sent my blood pressure through the ceiling was the final out of the game. I was under no delusion, the Tigers weren’t coming back, but what they could have done was irritate the Orioles by scoring a few runs and stretching their bullpen.

With two outs, Tigers loaded the bases. Kinsler the struck out but the ball got away from the catcher. Everybody ran except Kinsler. He could have easily made it to first. A run would have scored and the inning would have been kept alive for Hunter. But Kinsler refused to run. Who in the sam hell does he think he is? A few runs wouldn’t have meant much today but it may have created a better atmosphere for tomorrow.

Kinsler’s antics are the biggest reason the Tigers will be golfing next week. Only a few of them seem to give a shit. Like Fielder last year, I hope Kinsler isn’t in a Tigers uniform next year.


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2 thoughts on “Orioles 12 Tigers 3

  1. Max Scherzer sucked!! JV tomorrow and I expect better results. Only those who will be Tigers next year will contribute to this playoff run, should one formulate.. As was the case last year JV started game 2 and eventually pitched game 5.. I expect the same this year.. Scherzer followed the script presented by the other two ‘prize free agent pitchers’ Lester and Shields, by blowing up in a big game.. Typical!! I expect the Tigers to win this series and still do. As I sat in the bar tonight I stated to my associates I expected we would lose tonight and take the next 3.. We shall see. A loss is a loss, no matter the score….. Tomorrow is as good as the next starting pitcher and I still like our chances.

  2. BINGO…..HE QUIT! No they aren’t going to come back but if they force Buck to use one more arm…this was closer than the final line indicated…I guess our manager isn’t familiar with what Cruz has done to the tigers in the post season.The King has no cloths and everyone say it. Tomorrow is a new day however I feel like I have seen this movie before and I didn’t like the last one….

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