World Series Thoughts…

After three games of the 2014 World Series the Kansas City Royals are two wins away from their second World Series crown in franchise history and first since 1985.

I know they are the Tigers’ Central Division rivals but I’m pulling for them.

I respect the Giants but they’ve won two of the last four World Series. It is time for new blood, new champions.

Watching these games I can’t help pondering the following:

  • Perhaps speed and defense trump power? Maybe “Money Ball” is good for regular seasons but the A’s haven’t won a World Series in the Billy Beane era.  Someone once said, ‘speed doesn’t go into a slump.
  • Sark was correct, James Shields doesn’t deserve the “Big Game” moniker. In my opinion, he’s the weak link in the Royals staff.
  • Maybe Ned Yost is good manager?
  • Miggy had bone chips removed from his ankle and a stress fracture repaired.  Basically, he was playing with a broken ankle.  I’m sorry I ever complained about him.
  • Does Joe Maddon’s free agency mean anything for the Tigers?
  • Maybe Earl Weaver’s philosophy was right, ‘pitching, defense and three-run homers.’  The Royals are using pitching and defense.  Actually, they’ve hit their share of homers this post season too.
  • The Royals don’t strike out too much.

Anyway, these are just my most recent musings.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “World Series Thoughts…

  1. Here is what this series has done for me:
    Looks like the Wings are better than I originally thought…..
    This whole mess is Oakland’s fault – not holding a 7-3 lead….
    Thought the Giants would mop the floor with KC…. Not enough hitting, as we saw in 2012….
    Giants pitching is weaker than 2012…. Peavy could never beat the AL, so why now?
    KC should enjoy this run now…. Won’t get the same mojo from the bullpen next year…
    Tigers by all means should go after Madden, but he’ll probably end up in LAD….
    Tigers should trade Price for a bonifide CF or C….
    Anyway, Go Wings, hope for a good season!!!

  2. I’m pulling for the Royals, too, in this one. What an amazing run they’ve had so far. Must win two in a row, but I think they can do it. Madden will likely sit out 2015, and if the Tigers fall flat, I agree they will pursue him and give him his pay day.
    Go Wings!

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