Here we go…

I can barely contain myself. Baseball starts Sunday. The Tigers open Monday and the hockey playoffs are right around the corner.  The only downside is that I’ll be so busy watching or listening to baseball and hockey that I won’t get much reading done.

OK, I don’t expect much from the Tigers this year.  As Nebraska says, “too many ifs”.

The Tigers could contend “if”:

  • Verlander returns to form.
  • Miggy and Victor are healthy.
  • Someone can get on base in front of Miggy.
  • Joba pitches like he did in the first half of last year.
  • Nathan stays on the team past May.
  • J.D. is what he appeared to be last year.

Too many “ifs” and hope is not a strategy.  But there is always a chance.  The stars could align for the Tigers like they did for the Red Sox in 2013.

I’m excited but proceeding with caution.

Also, I recommend readers check out another site, Minoring In Baseball.  I’ve been reading this blog for the last few years and absolutely love it.

Have a blessed Easter and LET’S PLAY BALL.

FYI: I’m on the verge of hating the Red Wings.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Four things I am sure of at this moment (1) The Tigers are tied for first in the division (2) The Wings are Not in the playoffs (3) I have a bill for $1355.00 for Wings playoff tix. (4) This COULD all change by end of the game Monday! I LOVE April in the “D”!!!

  2. All of the Tiger ifs are manageable. Problem is we don’t have the right management. Of all things I’m not looking forward to is more of the BA/JL style of managing. I think Twins will be the surprise team in the division this year, at least for the first part of the season. We’ll see…

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