Tigers 7 Twins 1

Nebraska’s prediction of a 162-0 season got one game closer as the Tigers completed the sweep of the Twins.

Shane Greene was smokin’ balls!  One game into his Tigers career he looks like the guy we saw last year.

And looooky here, the Tigers offense put up 7 runs one game after scoring 11.

Three games into the season we’ve seen some good signs.  First, Anibal didn’t implode in the 6th inning yesterday and second, the offense didn’t go into hibernation after an explosion the game before.

I’m not making World Series plans but I’ll take 3-0.

On a different note, did anyone see the Red Wings game last night?  I’ve never felt so shitty about clinching a playoff spot. Jimmy Howard is an abomination.  In an important game like that, when his team is fighting for a playoff spot and gets him three goals on Carey Price, he gives up three goals that go right through him, two, from ridiculous angles.

And I don’t want to see Brendan Smith in a Red Wings uniform after this year.  In fact, after the stunt he pulled to put the Wings two men down late in the third, up by a goal, I don’t want to see him period.

6 thoughts on “Tigers 7 Twins 1

  1. I’ll have to re-evaluate my forecast for the Twins… Ausmus hasn’t had to make a decision yet, so let’s hold off on the WS tickets. Couldn’t have asked for 3 better games to start the season.

    Wings, it’s time to end the Jimmy Howard experiment….

    • I’d hold off on the re-evaluation. If Molitor is a good manager he’ll have the Twins playing decently by the end of the year. But, there is not much you can do if your pitchers can’t get anybody out. You can’t hit or field well enough if you pitching blows.

      I think the Wings need to trade for a goalie or get one in free-agency. I’m don’t think Mrazek is any better. They both give up way too many goals that go THROUGH them and at crucial times.

      • It’s only one game and it was the Twins….however rain delay, general weather conditions, first start. I have hope for Shane Green. We shall see. I stayed home for this one and caught the whole Bert=UglyDetroit live in real time. @BertBlyleven28 needs to go. FS North has a twitter account and web page. I bookmarked em and every morning I’ll fire at them #FIREBERT. As for Molitor well I think back to Trams time here as manager. Tough to squeeezz blood out of a lifeless body. The Wings, well Mraek is young don’t know quite yet. In the playoffs they will go as far as Howard will take them…so I am afraid it’s gonna be a long summer for the Wheel and with the cap this deal will make Jimmy’s contract a tough one.

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