The perfect season is over…

and the Nebraskadamus prophecy unfulfilled.  The Tigers fell to the Pirates 5-4 for their first loss of the 2015 season.

Anibal was not good.  He gave up 5 runs in 6.3 but the offense nearly made a top of the ninth comeback to bail him out.

If not for a 1 pitch, rally killing at bat, by Nick Castellanos that resulted in a double play, the Tigers may have forced extra innings.  That would have been no guarantee of a better outcome given the bullpen but hope does spring eternal.

I won’t whine too much about being 6-1 but it would be nice to get a win in Pittsburgh.  It seem like the Tigers never play well there.

2 thoughts on “The perfect season is over…

  1. Well as you can tell from my last post I was looking at the money line right up until first pitch and I thought the boys in Vegas were a little off. Turns out the folks that thought the Pirates could go…well they were right today. Not so sure today was a case of Anibal being that bad (yea I know he didn’t help his ERA) the Pirates just had a little better arm today. Tigers were right there till the 27th out. Starter went deep enough let’s see what happens next and what our pen is or isn’t?

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