Tigers 8 Indians 5

The Tigers move to 6-0 and Nebraska still looks like Nostradamus.

The offense continues to impress. Jose Miguel Cabrera was 4-4 with 2 home runs and 4 RBIs.  Isn’t he usually a slow starter?

In the first six games of 2015 we have seen a role reversal.  Success in the last five seasons consisted of the pitching bailing out an erratic and often stagnant offense.  This year the offense is mashing regardless of what the pitching does.

Here’s what concerns me, it doesn’t look like the Tigers are going to get a lot of length out the fourth and fifth starters.  That means more bullpen innings which means disaster.  It isn’t an issue now because the Tigers are scoring 7+ runs a game but if the offense slumps it is going to be tough to win when the starters only pitch five innings.

I’ll take 6-0.

3 thoughts on “Tigers 8 Indians 5

  1. It will be important to get JV back asap. Either Simon or Lobstein to the BP. Even with the 6-0 start I am surprised KC has matched. But almost all of their starters only give them 5-6 innings. As good as their 3 relievers pitched last year, I do not believe they can sustain this pace. Consider they pitch virtually every other game, with max effort on every pitch. Won’t last. Tigers can’t fall into that same pattern because we simply do not have the arms. Nice to see the hitters continue to pound weak pitching. Patient at-bats except Cespedes.

  2. To your point 1/2 hr before game time the Money line is +$120 @tigers -$135 @pirates.Which tells me there is to much money on Pirates. Why? National League park no DH tight game starting pitcher goes 6? Then the pen. Well the professional money has spoken about the state of our relief IMHO. Or this is way miss priced and a hell of an opportunity? Money talks….

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