Tigers 1 Pirates 0

WOW!  The Tigers got their second straight shut out win over the Pirates and took the three game series, in a place they historically don’t play well, 2-1.

What can I say about Alfredo Simon, he was SMOKIN’ BALLS!

I wasn’t expecting much from this series.  The Tigers struggles in Pittsburgh have been well documented and I wasn’t sure what they’d get from Simon.  I didn’t think he looked that good in his first start.  I surely wasn’t expecting an eight inning, two hit, shut out.

Going into this series I figured the Tigers would have a chance in the first two games, with Sanchez and Greene pitching, but not much with Simon going tonight.  I thought this was a throw away game.  I was wrong and glad for it.

Is it too early to say I might be wrong about Soria as well?  I hope so.

Nebraska, to answer your question, “Someone remind me tomorrow why we let the pitcher lead off the eighth inning with over 90 pitches and a day off Thursday?” I think you answered it yourself. BULLPEN! Remember, with this bullpen, less is more.

I like 8-1.

3 thoughts on “Tigers 1 Pirates 0

  1. Amazing how our bats turn stone cold in Pittsburg. Must be the ballpark cuz the Pirates can’t hit a lick either. I have to admit I’m impressed by the 4 shutouts in 9 games. Other than good starting pitching there wasn’t much going on in this series. I agree tonight’s game was a bonus, considering the pitching matchup. The bullpen looked outstanding tonight, especially the ones sitting on their asses.

  2. I went to a dinner this winter where some Tiger front office people talked about how our starting pitching was going to be better than most fans realized and if we could stay healthy (and 3 arms aren’t) then we should have a fun summer. I know it’s early however you need to hold a lead into the 9th If they can figure that out…well

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