Fister Trade A Good One?

This article, hat tip Nebraska, makes the case and it is hard to argue with.

Fister essentially turned into Shane Greene and two starts in, Greene is SMOKIN’ BALLS!!

This is the most intriguing part of the article:

Dombrowski, though, pulled the trigger the first chance he had, when the Diamondbacks came calling in November and early December. And make no mistake, they wanted Ray. The deal could not have been done without Ray. They liked infield prospect Domingo Leyba, too, but Ray was the prize — and they never considered another Tigers pitching prospect. I had long been under the impression Arizona would’ve settled for another Tigers pitching prospect, since the Tigers have several nice ones, thus continuing to rule the Fister trade an uncharacteristic gaffe by Dombrowski.

“And make not mistake, they wanted Ray.”?  Too much peyote perhaps? 🙂  They can have him.  We’ll take Greene.

One thought on “Fister Trade A Good One?

  1. Greene has been good so far, yet it’s too soon to know if he’ll last. He doesn’t have a track record to go on. We’ll never know the real reasons behind the Fister trade, so it’s hard to suggest Dombrowski made a poor decision. I think it is similar to the Ricky P situation. Perhaps 2 soon-to-be free agents who showed little interest in staying here long-term. Can’t blame them, given the weak defense and bullpen behind them. Yes, the defense has improved, as long as the players remain healthy.

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