Tigers 2 White Sox 1

The Tigers moved to 9-1 with a win over the White Sox this afternoon at Comerica Park.

David Price and Jeff Samardzija had a classic pitcher’s duel. Each pitcher surrendered only one run, on solo shots, in eight complete innings.  The Tigers had more chances to score off of Samardzija but a combination of good clutch pitching and bad execution at the plate kept the game tied.

The White Sox made a few crucial mistakes that allowed the Tigers to take this one. First, Alexei Ramirez did David Price, and the Tigers, a favor by flying out on the first pitch he saw in the top of the seventh after Adam LaRoche had worked a six pitch walk.  Price’s pitch count was climbing.  If Ramirez had a better AB, who knows, they may have gotten into the Tigers pen in the eighth.  Second, why in the sam hell didn’t Robin Ventura challenge the play a second in the ninth? On TV, it looked like Castellanos was out by a mile.  If I was a Sox fan I would be furious.  Perhaps he’s still loopy from when Nolan Ryan beat him into a conniption?  Third, and this a friend of mine mentioned, after the Castellanos debacle, why didn’t he walk Iggy and play the infield at normal depth?

In any case I don’t think anybody will be knocking down Ventura’s door after the White Sox fire him.

FYI: The last time the Tigers started 9-1 was 1984. I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Tigers 2 White Sox 1

  1. I thought the rule states you can’t challenge after the 7th inning. Doesn’t matter, Ventura is still a moron. He might be the worst in a division full of bad managers, including Francona. Hell, BA is starting to look smart compared to the others. He even used some smarts bringing Soria in the 9th inning to face the middle of the order. Did anyone see when they cut into the Cubs game. The kid has his first AB, the crowd is on their feet. MLB network is showing the game… Nah, that isn’t putting any pressure on the kid!!.. According to the stats he was 0-4 with 3 k’s. I almost felt bad for the kid, but then I realize he plays for the sorry-ass Cubs..

  2. Well the Tigers won this one in spite of themselves IMHO. They left RISP and a certain right fielder that failed to get a bunt down….well they ALMOST had to call the EMT’S for the guy’s behind me. All that said Ventura makes me feel good about BA…which is kinda scary. I’ll take the W…

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