Tigers 2 Yankees 1

Hmmm, 13 games into the 2015 season and this version of the Tigers seems to be finding ways to win.

The Tigers got another great start from Alfredo Simon and enough offense in the seventh inning to snatch a win from C C Sabathia and the New York Yankees.

Guess what, the bullpen was good today.  Joba came in with two on and one out in the eighth and got an inning ending double play and Soria closed out the ninth.

There has been little to complain about this season.

If I wanted to get picky, Miggy had an awful day and I wish they had tried a little bit of small ball when Castellanos walked to lead off the sixth. But I’ll take 11-2.

3 thoughts on “Tigers 2 Yankees 1

  1. The defense is driving the bus right now. I haven’t seen them play defense at this level for a long time. The play Iggy made was off-the-charts. McCann made a perfect throw to nail Ellsbury, and say what you will about Joba, but Kinsler bailed him out with a slick backhand for the double play.. That ball was smoked. We’re also getting very good starting pitching from anyone not named Lobstein and Sanchez.. But without the defense we probably wouldn’t be saying how goo the pitching has been.

  2. Sark you do indeed get the gold star. That ball had tied game written all over it. That said we have found our closer and we just need to do an exit interview with Nathan. Sunday Kroll came out and threw 11 pitches 10 for strikes. IF…IF we can find some more answers for the pen in the 7th & 8th…well. Buy the way in case you haven’t noticed 13 games in the Royals are 1 back and 6 of their 10 wins have been come from behind wins. Should be a fun summer.

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