Yankees 5 Tigers 2

On a cold, nasty, night, at Comerica Park, the Tigers fifth starter, Kyle Lobstein gave them a chance to win.  Lobstein gave up only one run in six complete then handed the ball over to the bullpen.  No need to say more.

The bullpen, however, isn’t the story of this game or series, the lack of offense is.  The Tigers have grounded into seven double plays in two games against the Yankees and 17 for the season, tied with Baltimore for most in the majors.  I love double plays when the Tigers turn them but the hate them when the Tigers hit into them.  I don’t know, is it good pitching or bad (selfish) hitting?

In any case, 11-3 isn’t that much to cry about.

4 thoughts on “Yankees 5 Tigers 2

  1. I blame it on the 3-4 hitters, who coincidentally make the most money. Smart is obviously hurt, as he hasn’t hit the ball hard yet this season. Miggy could also be hurt. The game a couple days ago I saw him shaking his hand after a swing. Not sure if it was just bee stings on a foul tip or injury. Nice to see the familiar bullpen last night. Not to worry, Nathan will be back before we know it – Yikes!

  2. The headline on the Tigers site reads “Bullpen loses control in 7th”. Afraid we may see that one again. And in case you are keeping score the Royals posted their 8th come from behind win in 14 games to tie the Tigers for the division lead…

  3. Yea, hate to say it, but KC looks to be oozing confidence from their ridiculous playoff run. And seem quite cocky about it too. I thought the whole hard slide at second retaliation was a bit over-the-top.

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