Yankees 13 Tigers 4

It is outings like this that, if I were Dave Dombrowski and Mr. Ilitch, would nag me about offering David Price a big contract. These are not bad outings. These are Fukushima like melt downs that happen too often for a guy looking for $20 plus million a year.

Going back to last season, this is the second start in a row that the Yankees absolutely beat David Price into a conniption and if I’m not mistaken the Giants put a similar beating on him last year as well.

Oh, how much more of The Amazing, Everyday Al do we need to see?

The offense wasn’t much better. I realize you aren’t going to win many games when your pitching staff gives up 13 runs but the offense did nothing except hit into two more double plays. The four runs they got in the bottom of the first came courtesy of four walks and only two hits.

Ok, ok 13-4 isn’t bad and a split in a four game series will make me feel a little better but I’m serious about what I said about Price. His Fukushimas scare me.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees 13 Tigers 4

  1. Something to think about for sure. Something else to think about some folks will blame the cold….baseball is played in October when it’s cold…Hummm. First pitch tomorrow 1:05 pm should be warmer. KC got shut out by the Twins.

  2. Both teams played in the same weather. Didn’t have a good feeling about this series before it started, and we were lucky to win any. Tomorrow is not a good pitching matchup, but let’s play the game and see. Agreed on Price… Not worth a long-term contract. Did anyone notice the uninspiring at-bats by Miggy and VMart again? Miggy continues to have that on-off switch and too often it’s in the off position..

    • Yeah, they both worked walks in the first but Warren really couldn’t find the plate. No excuses. Both teams played in the same conditions and the make a lot of money.

      The double plays are what drive me crazy.

      I think it is too cold to be outside playing baseball. The season probably shouldn’t start until May and end in the middle of September.

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